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Super Robot Monkey Team, Chiro/Jinmay, Alpha Set

Title: A Robot and a Hero
Fandom: Super Robot Monkey Team
Pairing: Chiro and Jinmay
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: K - T
Warning[s]: Mentions and/or wordplay describing sex.

#01 Comfort
When they realized that she wasn’t human, Chiro was there by her side during those long and painful hours.
#02 Kiss
In the heat of battle, his lips met hers, finally touching after such a long wait.
#03 Soft
Chiro just couldn’t get her out of his mind – from her soft hair to her bright eyes.
#04 Pain
As she watched him lay on his bed in the MedBay, she could only think of what it might feel like.
#05 Potatoes
No matter what he said, Jinmay always made sure to add potatoes in some form onto his plate – if only to get him to eat some vegetables.
#06 Rain
Chiro watched the rain hit his window, his perfect date with Jinmay ruined.
#07 Chocolate
He had once thought his best gift was chocolate – now it was her giving it to him, piece by piece.
#08 Happiness
He could never get over her laugh, full of the happiness that she never knew.
#09 Telephone
No matter how far they were in space, Chiro always tried to call her, even if he knew it might not go through.
#10 Ears
‘Such a delicate thing ears are,’ she thought, sweeping her tongue over one of his.
#11 Name
The arguments of how to spell her name made many of the monkey team laugh at the young couple.
#12 Sensual
Even if it was just a touch on the shoulder, Chiro could never forget the sensation of love that seemed to vibrate from her hands.
#13 Death
They stood at the memorial for Antauri, hands clasped and eyes weeping, Jinmay being Chiro’s only lifeline.
#14 Sex
No matter how many times he thought about it, he could never forget their first time.
#15 Touch
His touch sent shivers down her spine, yet another new sensation for her.
#16 Weakness
She thought she was strong, but knowing he was lost somewhere in the wilderness made her feel so powerless.
#17 Tears
He swore he wouldn’t break down, but watching her form vanish as she left in search of her memories brought the tears.
#18 Speed
Chiro sped up on the motorcycle, intent on keeping his date with Jinmay, even if he was two hours late, again.
#19 Wind
The wind danced through her hair as they looked down upon Shuggazoom, watching at the lights twinkled on, one by one.
#20 Freedom
With peace at last, Chiro could finally take Jinmay out on that long-awaited date, knowing that he wouldn’t be watched twenty-four seven.
#21 Life
The day their little girl was born made them even happier, even closer then ever before.
#22 Jealousy
What he would give to be away from Sprx and Nova, watching them together while he and Jinmay were so far apart.
#23 Hands
The moment she saw him, her hand touched his, and they knew they were finally home.
#24 Taste
Chiro set the holographic ice cream in front of Jinmay, and the look in her eyes told him the flavor was her favorite.
#25 Devotion
No matter where they were, or who they were with, he would always try to do something to prove himself to her.
#26 Forever
With every waking moment spent together, he always found himself praying that this would last forever.
#27 Blood
Her hands carefully bandaged his, knowing that the blood would soon stop flowing.
#28 Sickness
Sometimes she was glad that she was a robot – she was always able to help Chiro when he got the flu for the umpteenth time.
#29 Melody
Wherever he walked, he hummed the tune that she loved with all her heart.
#30 Star
They stood together, staring out into space, counting the stars with wishes of peace.
#31 Home
With ShuggazoomCity on the horizon, Chiro knew he had finally come home to her.
#32 Confusion
She stood in the empty city square, wondering if Chiro had lost track of time again.
#33 Fear
Thinking of him, of when he left, always made her heart clench in fear of his safety.
#34 Lightning/Thunder
Chiro jumped at the thunder again; the only thing keeping him from hiding was Jinmay’s arms around him.
#35 Bonds
When he thought of her smile, he swore he could feel her love, that the bond between them was that strong to allow such a thing.
#36 Market
The stores always opened to him, especially when he was making something for her.
#37 Technology
When Chiro finally figured out the equation, they realized just what they had discovered – new technology to let them be even closer.
#38 Gift
The little black box meant little to her, until he opened it to show her the ring.
#39 Smile
Smiles touched the Monkey Team whenever they found the young couple together.
#40 Innocence
Even when asked by someone close, Chiro’s face always had that innocent blush, trying to hide his real feelings, and failing.
#41 Completion
When he made his move, that utter bit of completion filled them completely, never letting go.
#42 Clouds
They spent their first date finding shapes in the clouds, on the clouds themselves.
#43 Sky
Every once in a while, Jinmay would take Chiro high up, as if they could touch the sky itself.
#44 Heaven
No matter the situation, together always felt perfect to them.
#45 Hell
When she was being controlled, Chiro’s life to a one-way shot, right into his own personal hell.
#46 Sun
From dawn ‘til dusk they were together, making sure to spend every moment in the warm sunlight.
#47 Moon
Sometimes at night he’d bring her up to the Robot’s shoulder, so that they could watch the moon rise.
#48 Waves
On the edge of the bridge he watched the waves, missing her more with each passing second.
#49 Hair
Jinmay couldn’t tame his hair, no matter how heard she tried, not that she minded of course.
#50 Supernova
When they kissed under the stars, the feeling they felt were incomprehensible, uncontrollable, just like a supernova.
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