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LOST:: Ben/Juliet :: Alpha Set

For my claimed challenge at [info]1sentence  :

Fandom: LOST
Theme set:
Spoilers through Season 4

#01 – Comfort
Ben looked down at the woman’s rain-soaked hair that spilled across his pillow, fingertips tracing her bare shoulder as he wondered what distress might haven driven her into his arms.

#02 – Kiss
It had been a trap all along, and Ben knew it – but he would never regret that traitorous kiss from her lips, nor let the ill intentions she bore him taint the memory of it.

#03 – Soft
She’d left her sweater behind at his house after the book club meeting – a sweater that he now nuzzled against his cheek, breathing in the scent that was distinctly her own. 

#04 – Pain
Juliet felt her body crumple alongside the corpse of her beloved Goodwin, her fingers entwining themselves in the front of his shirt – all while his angel of death stood over them.

#05 – Potatoes
How had he known that she’d been having an incredible craving for Dorito’s Ranch Potatoe Chips lately…and how had he gotten them for her?

#06 – Rain
She was an ethereal spirit of beauty, standing there in the gentle summer downpour, laughing as she turned her face to the sky – and despite himself, he knew he was falling in love.

#07 – Chocolate
The small box of fine chocolates were left sitting on the lab table, along with a note that read “To the jewel of the island” – and Juliet would forever believe it to have come from her Goodwin.

#08 – Happiness
It was a rare moment of laughter between the two when Ben took a sip of his hot chocolate and lifted his head to reveal a dot of whipped cream on the tip of his nose.

#09 – Telephone
She wanted to love him with the same affection and devotion that he showed to her – but until he could allow her that one phone call to her sister, she was to be sworn as Benjamin Linus’ enemy.

#10 – Ears
Ben was a man that prided himself in being in complete control of not only himself, but of everything around him as well - so it never ceased to fill Juliet with malicious delight to hear him gasp and tremble as her lips ran along his ear and to know that for a moment, she broke that man’s control.

#11 – Name
It wasn’t his threats, demands, pleas or coercion that kept her there – but rather the quiet, heart-broken sigh of her name that he gave when she started to leave that brought her back to his bed every time.

#12 – Sensual
Juliet’s eyes slipped closed with a quiet sigh as she felt Ben’s breath tickle across her neck as he whispered low against her.

#13 – Death
His hand closed around her neck as her body was pressed forcefully back against the wall and she could see by the manic look in his eyes that all tenderness and remorse had fled.

#14 – Sex
It was only when she saw him laying beside her – naked, asleep and still – that she first began to understand the man that rested beneath the mask of Benjamin Linus.

#15 – Touch
He’d touched her several times before (an ‘accidental’ brush of fingers, a tap on the shoulder, a caress on her wrist and such like)…but the first time she touched him of her own accord – a hand against his hip as she slid past him in the lab – he felt as though an electrical current had raced through him.

#16 – Weakness
She found him sitting in the dimly lit room, glasses cast aside on the table, his face lowered into one hand while his other hand clutched a pair of wooden dolls – and Juliet realized it was the only time she’d ever seen him cry.

#17 – Tears
“I’m not the monster you think me to be, Juliet…I don’t know what I can do to make you see that.”

#18 – Speed
Somehow he knew she was in danger and was already off and running to her aid even before he heard her scream.

#19 – Wind
Long, blond hair was blown about wildly in the steady sea breeze and Juliet made some a joke about looking as if she’d been through a hurricane – but Ben thought she’d never looked more beautiful.

#20 – Freedom
Over and over she begged him to let her go home - to release her from this prison that he’d trapped her in…but over and over he refused, telling her that she had work to do and that the island would not release her until that work was done.

#21 – Life
The morning that she woke up and realized that she’d become content with life on the island, in that little community, with Ben as sovereign leader and dictator...Juliet knew she had to escape.

#22 – Jealousy
Ben stood at a distance, watching as Goodwin embraced his Juliet and kissed her on the tip of her petite nose, making her laugh…and that laughter and happiness at another man’s doing snapped something inside his rational mind and made him realize what he had to do.

#23 – Hands
Those smaller hands cradled his larger one gently in their grasp as Juliet worked to carefully dig out the splinter that had wedged itself stubbornly beneath his skin, taking care to not cause him any more pain than necessary.

#24 – Taste
“Here, try this,” she said with a smile in her eyes as she held out a strawberry dipped in whipped cream to him.

#25 – Devotion
The fever had finally started to come back down after three days of being laid up in the medical center and the nurse informed Ben that he should go home and get some rest – but he ignored her, anxious to keep his ongoing vigil until Juliet was fully well again.

#26 – Forever
They did not say anything to one another – simply sat there on the beach, side by side, staring out into the vast expansion of stars and wondering at the path destiny had chosen for them.

#27 – Blood
The sight of him after he’d come stumbling back into the camp – bloodied, bruised, beaten and torn – caused a strange sense of fierce anger and vengefulness to consume Juliet’s heart towards the ones that did it.

#28 – Sickness
The great Benjamin Linus was sick and bedridden with a suffocating cold – but Juliet had worked close enough with him to be aware of the little-known fact that he didn’t like soup…so she brought him hot tea instead.

#29 – Melody
“Lay down and rest for a moment, you’ve been working all night,” he told her, guiding her over to the couch before moving to turn on a bit of soft music to lull her to sleep.

#30 – Star
Ben couldn’t really recall a time when he’d ever wished upon a star as a child, despite all of Annie’s beliefs in such fantastical things – but now as he walked Juliet home across the dark compound and his eyes caught sight of a single star peaking out through the stormy clouds, he couldn’t help but think it was worth a try.

#31 – Home
She wanted to ask him now…just once more if she could go home – but she already knew his response would be a stern “you are home, Juliet”.

#32 – Confusion
Her stomach turned a flip within her as Ben leaned forward and brushed a chaste, soft kiss across her lips – and despite her head telling her to push him away, her body urged her to pull him forward.

#33 – Fear
“Ben, please, why are you doing this?” she whispered so as to hide the tremble in her voice as he stalked closer and closer to her from across the room.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder
They stood out on his porch together, watching as the storm rolled in and Juliet caught a gleam of primitive excitement in his eyes as the first sharp lightning strike.

#35 – Bonds
“I’m sorry, Juliet,” he whispered against her ear as he set the last cuff in place around her wrist so that she couldn’t squirm when the hot brand was applied to her lower back.

#36 – Market
There were days when Ben wished he could just go out to the local food mart and pick up one of her favorite deserts or go to the store and perhaps purchase a small piece of jewelry that she might like – but instead, he had to content himself with a simple bouquet of hand-picked flowers as a gesture of his affections.

#37 – Technology
“I will be leaving for awhile, Juliet,” he informed her late one night and she looked across at him with hatred and anger in her eyes, knowing that he would be taking the submarine and leaving the island…returning back home where she could not.

#38 – Gift
He found the book, “Short Stories by Stephen King”, sitting on his front porch when he walked out that morning and though it was probably meant as a joke by Juliet, he treasured that gift and placed it into a box next to two wooden dolls.

#39 – Smile
As he sat in that dark room, bound by the wrists and ankles, simply awaiting the next interrogation session with Sayid Jarrah, it was the memory of her beautiful smile & laughter that kept him at peace.

#40 – Innocence
Leaning over, Juliet softly kissed Ben on the cheek in thanks for all of his help and encouragement as she went to leave the lab for the night – and had she turned back, she would have seen a wide-eyed stare on his blushing face.

#41 – Completion
Juliet moved to stand alongside of Alex as she and her father overlooked the view of their island from the high, jutting cliffs above – the perfect picture of a dysfunctional family.

#42 – Clouds
The young woman lay spread out in the grassy field, her eyes staring up at the thick, puffy clouds above her in a kind of dreamy way, wishing to lose herself for just a moment in that great beyond – but all the while knowing that soon she would have to return to camp.

#43 – Sky
His eyes were a pale, sky blue most of the time – until he looked at her with that powerful intensity…and then they were a deep, rich color that she simply had no name for.

#44 – Heaven
Ben looked down at his Juliet sleeping peacefully within his arms and one hand stroked its way along her back in peaceful contentment.

#45 – Hell
Juliet kept her eyes closed in feigned sleep as she felt his touch ease up her spine, cursing herself once again for allowing this man to seduce her into his bed.

#46 – Sun
She smirked at the sight of him gardening on that warm, spring day - grass stains on his knees, dirt on his hands, sweat on his brow & a gentle smile on his face.

#47 – Moon
Moonlight spilled in through the window, briefly illuminating the figure that crept his way across her room.

#48 – Waves
He watched from his perch atop the cliff side as Juliet dove once again into the swelling waves that churned with the promise of an oncoming storm.

#49 – Hair
As he lay face-down on the surgery table, his body limp with the drugs that ran through his system, Juliet couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and lightly run her fingers along his soft, short hair - a gesture of tender comfort that she didn’t realize she still felt.

#50 - Supernova
The second the sky turned to purple and all of the island seemed to shake, both Juliet & Ben knew that their lives and those of the others on the island were about to be significantly changed.


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