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Fruits Basket, Yuki Sohma/Kyo Sohma

Fandom: Fruits Basket
Theme Set: Alpha
Rating: G to NC-17
Pairing: Yuki Sohma x Kyo Sohma

# 01: Comfort
Kyo has always been aware of a strange sort of comfort he feels when around the Rat, but the full strength of the emotion doesn’t truly hit him until he finds himself enveloped in Yuki’s arms, and he is startled to find tears rising in his eyes.

# 02: Kiss
Their first kiss is sloppy and furious, years of pent-up passion and tension spilling free as Yuki pins Kyo up against the rough bark of a tree mid-fight.

# 03: Soft
Yuki’s hands against his bare skin are soft and smooth as silk, and Kyo finds himself wondering how a martial artist such as Yuki can do so much damage with such gentle hands.

# 04: Pain
Yuki cries the first time Kyo enters him; not so much from the physical pain as from that of letting go of convictions and emotions that he’s clung desperately to for so long.

# 05: Potatoes
In the small apartment where they live together, as Yuki stands at the counter chopping vegetables for the stew – the only job at which, Kyo insists, he cannot possibly ruin the meal – he tries, and fails miserably, to resist the childish urge to bounce a cube of freshly-diced potato off of Kyo’s head, bowed over the simmering pot.

# 06: Rain
Yuki turns from watching the rain trickle down the windowpane to watch Kyo sleep, curled up on their shared futon, and when he decides to join the Cat, he swears he can hear a faint purr rumble from deep in the other boy’s chest.

# 07: Chocolate
When Yuki presents him with chocolate on Valentine’s Day – proudly stating that it is homemade – Kyo hides his grimace and smiles instead, choking down the charred candies because he understands that it is the thought that counts.

# 08: Happiness
Kyo sits in the shade of a large tree with Yuki’s head resting in his lap as the Rat sleeps, and wonders if this is the happiness he’s been looking for.

# 09: Telephone
Her voice over the telephone is as soft and concerned as ever, as if the two men she loved more than anything have not run off and left her behind, and Kyo cannot stop the pang of guilt that sweeps through him.

# 10: Ears
The year Yuki decides to dress up as a cat for Halloween, Kyo can’t help but laugh at the sight of two pointed, orange ears poking up out of that silvery-gray hair.

# 11: Name
Yuki is rather startled the first time Kyo addresses him by name – no insults or derogatory terms – and can’t help feeling like he’s missed something important.

# 12: Sensual
Kyo wonders if Yuki knows just how sensual he can be sometimes, but decides that he can’t be blamed for jumping the rat unexpectedly and pushing him onto the nearest flat – or relatively flat – surface if the boy is simply going to insist on walking around wearing nothing but a dangerously low-slung towel.

# 13: Death
The sight of Yuki’s unmoving body, finally done in by those damned bronchial tubes, sends Kyo into shock before his rage and sorrow bubble over into an animalistic howl that goes on and on until his bloody throat can no longer sustain it, at which point he lays down and weeps.

# 14: Sex
Sex has taken the place of their old battles, both seeking to dominate the other, kissing and biting and leaving bruises through very different means than they used to, and now losing is no longer such an unpleasant experience.

# 15: Touch
Kyo’s touches are gentle and fleeting, teasing Yuki until the Rat’s patience finally snaps and he surges off the bed, taking control and silencing the Cat’s protest with a bruising kiss.

# 16: Weakness
Yuki still fights against the weaknesses within himself, but now when his strength fails and he stumbles, Kyo is there to lend him strength and place him carefully back onto his feet.

# 17: Tears
She smiles sweetly when they tell her, but Kyo can see the unshed tears shimmering in her eyes, and that hurts much more than he expected.

# 18: Speed
Sometimes the sex is all about speed – rough, quick, and wild – and sometimes it is just the opposite, with lingering kisses and slow strokes and whispered names.

# 19: Wind
Kyo reminds Yuki of the wind – fickle and changing, gentle in one moment and destructive in the next – and the Rat wonders if he is going to be the one hurt in this love affair with the wind.

# 20: Freedom
Kyo has no freedom, and Yuki knows it – that when high school ends, Kyo will be locked away like all the Cats before him – but he vows that he will do whatever it takes to change that.

# 21: Life
Their unlikely relationship is a tribute to just how unpredictable life can be, turning childhood rivalry and hatred into wholehearted devotion.

# 22: Jealousy
Perhaps the hardest obstacle to overcome in their relationship is the overwhelming jealousy of Kyo’s feline familiars at losing one of their own to a rat.

# 23: Hands
As they lie together, bodies slick with sweat and moving in a timeless rhythm, Yuki slides his hands down Kyo’s extended arms and clasps their hands together, intertwining their fingers.

# 24: Taste
Every time they kiss, Yuki marvels at the taste that is uniquely Kyo – sharp, sweet, and perfect.

# 25: Devotion
Kyo has never stopped to probe the depths of his devotion, and so is almost unpleasantly surprised for a moment when Yuki asks him just where the line is drawn and Kyo cannot answer.

# 26: Forever
One night, Yuki loses himself in emotion as Kyo moves in him and over him, and he finds himself holding the Cat close and murmuring, “Mine, forever, forever,” into his lover’s ears.

# 27: Blood
Yuki stares down at Kyo’s bloodied form, watching the thick crimson liquid spill from the Cat’s mouth and nose as a result of their constant fighting, and realizes that this is far from what he actually wants.

# 28: Sickness
Though Kyo has fallen ill with little more than the common cold, Yuki frets and worries and refuses to leave his side, despite strenous protests from the Cat.

# 29: Melody
There are times when Yuki feels that Kyo is the bright and obvious melody, drawing everyone to him and capturing their attention, while he is only the unnoticed accompaniment.

# 30: Star
Watching a meteor shower with Kyo brings back the memory of a clear summer night from Yuki’s childhood, when he wished upon a falling star for a love that was true; now, the Rat smiles and curls closer to his lover with a satisfied sigh.

# 31: Home
For a time, Kyo worries about taking Yuki away from the comfort of the Sohma Main House, but his fears are quelled the night the Rat takes him gently to bed and assures him that anyplace is home as long as Kyo is there, too.

# 32: Confusion
Kyo is swamped by confusion when Yuki pins him to the ground and simply hovers there instead of ending the obviously mismatched battle, and it definitely doesn’t help when the Rat leans down to gently press their mouths together.

# 33: Fear
At Akito’s unexpected summons, the familiar fear courses through Yuki, but in a dark corner of his mind he realizes that the emotion is muffled slightly by the knowledge that Kyo is waiting for him back at home, ready to kiss and nip and love the pain away.

# 34: Lightning/Thunder
As the lightning flashes in their eyes and the thunder rumbles through the sky, the two lie in the rain and intertwine their bodies lazily, moving with deliberation, letting their passionate cries drown under the cacophony.

# 35: Bonds
Kyo strains against the bonds on his wrists, arching up off the bed as Yuki teases him with fleeting touches and lingering kisses along the length of his body.

# 36: Market
For a few weeks after they begin their relationship, Yuki avoids the local market, until Kyo finally drags him there for lack of food and the Rat is surprised to find that Kyo’s arm wrapped possessively around his waist takes much of the sting away from the disapproving glares the couple attracts.

# 37: Technology
Kyo almost manages to convince Yuki that their small home should be completely technology-free, before Yuki’s conscience kicks in and he remembers that there are people out there who care about them and forces Kyo to accept the compromise that they need at least some way to keep in contact with these friends and family members.

# 38: Gift
Yuki looks up at Kyo with raised eyebrows as the Cat thrusts a brightly-wrapped package at him – “What’s this for?” “Our six-month anniversary, you damn rat” – and then flings his arms around the other boy and kisses him, hard.

# 39: Smile
The two are constantly striving to coax a smile – a true, honest, smile – from the other, and both fail to notice that, as their relationship progresses, it becomes easier and easier.

# 40: Innocence
The day Tohru accidentally stumbles upon them kissing, the two smile at her innocence as she gives a shriek of surprise and bows out of the room, babbling her apologies.

# 41: Completion
They feel a strange sense of completion, of wholeness, the first time they have sex – an emotion that has little to do with the physical aspect and everything to do with the psychological.

# 42: Clouds
Yuki manages, somehow, to smother his laughter when he discovers that the only time Kyo can show any patience is when he’s watching the clouds drift lazily overhead.

# 43: Sky
When the Rat is moving over and inside of him, Kyo is struck by how Yuki reminds him of the sky: all-encompassing and painfully beautiful.

# 44: Heaven
If the phrase “Heaven on earth” is ever to have any meaning for the cursed Cat of the Zodiac, Kyo cannot imagine finding it anywhere but in Yuki’s arms.

# 45: Hell
Kyo thrusts his hips roughly and wonders if the flames of Hell could possibly burn any hotter than the liquid fire that courses through his body as he dominates the slender boy beneath him.

# 46: Sun
After a half-hour of faintly panicked searching, Yuki finally finds Kyo curled up in the small patch of sunlight underneath the open window, and despite his frustration and relief, he cannot bring himself to rouse the dozing Cat.

# 47: Moon
Kyo can just see the full moon past Yuki’s shoulder, the light glinting off lavender eyes, and he reaches up to it as the ecstasy overwhelms him, until the bright sphere blends into Yuki’s silver hair and it is as if the Cat is embracing the moon itself.

# 48: Waves
Kyo sits and sulks well out of the range of even the most ambitious of waves, and inwardly curses himself for letting the Rat distract him with hot kisses long enough to get the Cat to agree to a spontaneous trip to the beach.

# 49: Hair
If it seems as though Kyo sheds more than is humanly possible, Yuki simply chalks it up as one more thing he must willingly accept in return for the Cat’s love and manages to politely ignore the ever-present orange hairs that lightly dust every surface in the house.

# 50: Supernova
The force of Yuki’s ardor frightens him sometimes, and he fears that he will, one day, no longer be able to control it, at which point it is bound to explode with all the force of a supernova and consume him, body and soul.


( 6 comments — Leave a comment )
Aug. 21st, 2006 05:50 am (UTC)
Yay! One of my favorite couples! I loved these sentences: sweet, fluffy with the smallest bit of angst- totally hit the spot! =D
Aug. 21st, 2006 02:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much! I'm so pleased they were enjoyable. And I'm glad to have met another Yuki/Kyo fan.
Aug. 22nd, 2006 09:45 pm (UTC)
I'm not really a Yuki/kyo fan but this has won me over a little bit. Its all fuzzy and warm and yet angsty abit. it loved it!
Aug. 23rd, 2006 06:38 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading it through, even though it's not a couple of yours. That means a lot. I'm glad you still enjoyed it. It's nice when people read with an open mind.

People like you rock my socks. Much obliged for the comment!
Aug. 23rd, 2006 04:06 pm (UTC)
i must admit lady flamewing, i have only got one couple in fruits basket and thats aya and sigure. I think ive been won over to the kyo/yuki side! *gasp*. thats how good your writing was. *thumbs up*
Aug. 24th, 2006 07:07 pm (UTC)
Yay for actual canon couples. I mean, all those flowers and sparkles and hearts and the sexual innuendo. I'm not a die-hard Aya/Shigure shipper, but I can see it happening.

*blush* I think that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. Thank you so much. Enjoy your new Furuba couple!
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