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Star Wars: Kit Fisto/Aayla Secura

Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing: Kit Fisto/Aayla Secura
Title: Model Prisoners
Theme set: Gamma
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Totally not mine. If it was, why would I be writing fan fic, eh? I'd be too busy spending my money.

#01 - Ring
Were they not faithful Jedi because they fell in love, or did they fall in love because they weren’t faithful Jedi in the first place?

#02 - Hero
Aayla clung tightly to the Nautolan’s broad shoulders and was amazed that, even as she panicked in fear for her life, he kept his voice calm and soothing in her mind.

#03 - Memory
Aayla was the strongest woman he had ever met, but Kit still was always diligent to never make demands of her during their time together; he knew how sensitive she was about the customs of her homeworld.

#04 - Box
The Jedi Code was a prison, Aayla once argued to herself, a prison that churned out beings with the emotional capacity of droids, forbidden to love and be loved; she quickly realized that she shouldn’t think that way, that it was darkness clouding her vision, but the idea of a prison was difficult to shake.

#05 - Run
No matter how quick he moved, Aayla always managed to slip away somehow; it was frustrating, that was true, but it never failed to put a smile on his face.

#06 - Hurricane
Rain and wind whipped around them and the waves crashed against the stilts holding the landing platform aloft, but for just that moment time was frozen and all they heard was the other‘s breathing above the storm‘s chaos.

#07 - Wings
Aayla spun around, bringing her lightsaber down from above her head to strike at the training droid, and just for a second Kit was sure he saw her feet leave the ground completely.

#08 - Cold
She always shivers when he runs his fingers down her lekku, but her skin flushes all the same.

#09 - Red
Twi’lek females living away from Ryloth had to have their teeth and nails cared for on a regular basis, lest they grow and get too sharp; Aayla neglected this once and accidentally drew shallow, bleeding grooves along the small of Kit’s back, for which he thought she would never stop apologizing.

#10 - Drink
The way Aayla charmed the information they needed out of the inebriated smuggler was certainly masterful, but Kit felt his fist tighten at his side a little more for every second the man’s hand rested on her thigh.

#11 - Midnight
If she had one wish, it would be to walk with Kit in the sunlight, but the prying and judgmental eyes only go away once darkness falls.

#12 - Temptation
She had thanked him for saving her life, because without his help she would have drowned, but he just couldn’t resist the taunting grin that spread across his face nor the seductive tone that slipped into his voice when he replied, “It was my pleasure.”

#13 - View
Kit kept his face passive and calm, but seeing Aayla so scantily clad for her charade as a princess on the holo in front of him was extremely distracting; he hoped neither Tholme nor the Dark Woman who stood beside her would pick up on his plight.

#14 - Music
They danced once; there was no music and it was by no stretch of the imagination one of the dances performed by the aristocracy at social functions, but Aayla swayed easily in Kit’s embrace, and he soon found himself following her.

#15 - Silk
Jedi weren’t allowed many luxuries, so the guiltiest pleasure and indulgence Kit ever knew was the softness of Aayla’s skin.

#16 - Cover
Kit threw a well-aimed lightsaber at the retreating craft, perfectly safe even without a weapon because Aayla was at his back.

#17 - Promise
“I’ll always be there to catch you when you fall, breathe for you when you can’t.”

#18 - Dream
They could never truly be together and they both knew it, but neither was willing to give up their hold on the fantasy, despite all the risks and dangers.

#19 - Candle
Kit has never seen Aayla’s face illuminated by firelight, but he imagines that it would be intoxicating.

#20 - Talent
Kit was one of the few non-Twi’leks with the ability to read lekku; Aayla, knowing this, would occasionally make subtle gestures with her headtails when Kit was near her in a public setting, grinning impishly when he made a face at her.

#21 - Silence
There were times in the middle of the night when nothing disturbed the darkness in the Jedi Temple and the only thing that broke the stillness was the steady beat of Kit’s twin hearts as he lay embracing a sleepless Aayla.

#22 - Journey
The generals’ trip back to Coruscant with their newly-trained clones was full of awkward silences and meaningful glances, neither quite sure if the silences should continue to be awkward or the glances so meaningful.

#23 - Fire
Passion led to jealously and the fear of loss, both of which led to hatred, and hatred was the quickest path to the Dark Side, but neither of them tried to stop it when the fire burned out of control and threatened to consume them body and soul.

#24 - Strength
Tholme was still in the room when Kit grasped both of Aayla’s hands in his own and asked her if anything was wrong; that simple gesture gave her the strength to assure him that the moment of distress had passed.

#25 - Mask
Standing in the Council chambers reporting on the recent mission to Kamino was the most difficult moment Aayla had faced in her life as a Jedi; she kept her face serene, even as she left out many sordid details of the stay on the watery planet.

#26 - Ice
The first time Kit felt true cold, hard terror was when the news of the deaths and injuries on Hypori were relayed to the Council, informing them that Aayla and Shaak were both fighting for their lives and that either of them could easily lose that fight.

#27 - Fall
As the battle droid pulled Aayla off the landing platform and into the tumultuous ocean below, she knew that if she was going to die, she wanted the taste of his name on her tongue as she breathed her last.

#28 - Forgotten
The Kaminoan’s destroyed ship was suddenly the farthest thing from his mind as he heard her call out his name, tinged with fear, and his body was diving into the waves behind her before his mind even registered the movement.

#29 - Dance
He knew she knew how, but Kit could never figure out how to convince Aayla to show him one of the dances native to her homeworld; she was just too stubborn.

#30 - Body
Aayla’s body was in every way a superb weapon, and Kit marveled at the way it could be deadly, yet soft and smooth at the same time; Aayla was never hard nor rough.

#31 - Sacred
They were not married and they could never risk such a thing, but neither felt that a simple declaration by a state official could strengthen the bond they already shared.

#32 - Farewells
He regretted not being able to stop the Chancellor, but he cursed himself for not saying goodbye to Aayla before she left for Felucia.

#33 - World
The whole of the Jedi Council--the whole of Coruscant for that matter--would never be enough to keep him from slipping silently into Aayla’s room, just as he promised her he would.

#34 - Formal
Kit only called her ‘general’ when in the presence of the Kaminoans or the clones, greatly preferring her proper name; Aayla, however, found it difficult to drop the terms of respect, Kit being her superior, and he often had to remind her that he too had a name.

#35 - Fever
Aayla’s skin was hot and flushed against the coolness of Kit’s, hers burning and his freezing, a subtle balancing act.

#36 - Laugh
Kit chased her down the hall in the compound on Kamino, both of them laughing like younglings, and even though the clones saw, they never retold the story.

#37 - Lies
Aayla turned slowly to exit Kit’s room, telling him not for the first time in that unconvinced voice of hers that this was the last night she would come to him; Kit simply smiled and responded: “Liar.”

#38 - Forever
She came to him once in the dead of night to tell him it was over, that he couldn’t risk his position for her, but he swore that nothing could ever make him leave her side and he held her in his arms again until she surrendered, just as they both knew she would.

#39 - Overwhelmed
“Every time I see you, think about you, I’m lost in the waves again and I can’t breathe… but I like it.”

#40 - Whisper
There are maddening spans of time when the most contact with her Kit has is the faint whisper of her fingers against his robes as they pass in one of the halls of the Temple.

#41 - Wait
Even when she was away from Coruscant, there were many times when Kit was away on a mission that Aayla would watch the sky, arms wrapped around herself, with the gaze that only anxious lovers can manage.

#42 - Talk
Even though she responded with the politically correct answers, Aayla actually blocked out all the scolding the Dark Woman dealt out to her regarding her supposed attachment to Master Fisto; since when had it become contrary to the Code to check up on the well-being of a fellow Jedi?

#43 - Search
Aayla closed her eyes and focused, shifting through the various signatures in the Force for the one she so desperately needed to feel, but it was too late: Kit was gone, and Aayla let a single tear slip down her cheek and fall to the jungle floor.

#44 - Hope
Aayla stood motionless in the storm as Kit turned to enter the compound once again; she waited, hoping he would turn around and pull her to him just one more time, but the mission came first and she was left alone in the rain.

#45 - Eclipse
There were times when the first hints of morning light made their way across Coruscant’s sky that Aayla wondered what it would take to blot out the sun, just so she could stay with Kit a little longer.

#46 - Gravity
Twi’lek had natural grace and agility, these abilities honed infinitely by Jedi training, but the way Aayla moved even in the simplest of situations seemed impossibly elegant and effortless to Kit.

#47 - Highway
If life was merely a pathway that one must travel on during their time, Aayla felt hers made a sharp turn on the day she first met Master Fisto.

#48 - Unknown
There were times when Aayla couldn’t tell if Kit was asleep or not; she would lean over him in an attempt to determine one way or the other, only to be caught in a surprise attack and pulled easily on top of the Nautolan.

#49 - Lock
They were model prisoners: obedient and faithful on the surface, but carried a secret rebellion shared only with each other until the time they could break free of their bonds or were forced to give up their charade forever.

#50 - Breathe
“Let me breathe for you,” came the comforting words echoing in her head, though apparently Kit didn’t realize that he had been her reason to breathe for some time now.
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