jedi_of_urth (jedi_of_urth) wrote in 1sentence,

Legengs of Tomorrow, Sara/Rip

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Sara Lance/Rip Hunter
Theme set: Alpha
Title: Captains’ Touch
Rating: PG-13 for canon typical references to brainwashing, torture, assault, death, etc.
Warning[s]: Unbetaed, full of run-on sentences, and going to be jossed within about 24 hours. Spoilers through 2x12 but nothing else (maybe 2x13 but I try to avoid spoilers) but the story goes much further.
Notes: Mainly Sara/Rip, though some could be considered Sara/Rip/Gideon, plus a couple references to Oliver/Felicity along with past Rip/Miranda and Sara/Oliver. Also I’m not kidding about those run-on sentences, like ruining my command of grammar run-on sentences.

Captains’ Touch

Tags: !set alpha, legends of tomorrow
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