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Kamen Rider W; Shotaro Hidari x Philip

Fandom: Kamen Rider W
Pairing: Shotaro Hidari/Philip
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: Mostly G, a couple T for sexual themes.
Notes: Prompts rearranged to be roughly in chronological order.

Nothing could be worse than this, Shotaro thought—the boss, the closest thing he had to family, was dead, and he was stuck looking after this weird kid who barely knew left from right.

The complete lack of structure to Philip's life outside the syndicate was dizzying.

The sky was so bright he had to shield his eyes when he went outside; it took him several weeks to get used to anything more than the dim lights of the syndicate laboratory.

It was a good thing the owner of this Windscale location owed Shotaro a favor, he thought as he watched Philip gather up shirt after shirt to try on.

"Here, I just thought since you keep getting your hair in your face..." Shotaro muttered as he handed Philip a stationery clip.

The first time Philip drove the HardBoilder, Shotaro thought he was going to die.

Philip didn't know what it was about Shotaro that made him so intriguing.

He spent hour after hour in the Gaia Library seeking out information on Shotaro Hidari, trying to crack the mystery of what made him him.

When two waves interact, the interference can be said to be destructive, in which case the waves cancel one another out, or constructive, in which case they reinforce one another; the same can be said for human beings, but unlike waves, human emotion can adapt.

Philip had left the garage to inform Shotaro about a thrilling concept called thunder, but from the way the distant rumbling made the half-boiled detective flinch, it looked like he already knew.

"PULL YOUR PANTS BACK UP!" Shotaro shouted, shielding his eyes from the result of Philip's latest lookup.

Philip examined the mold-covered fruit with such a giddy fascination that Shotaro almost forgot his urge to barf.

The glee with which Philip rattled off facts about potatoes was so endearing.

Shotaro sighed and grabbed a napkin to wipe away the chocolate smeared across his partner's face.

"I'm dying, Shotaro," Philip complained through a gravelly throat, but Shotaro just rolled his eyes at his partner's melodramatics.

"Don't worry, you've come to me, the greatest detective in Fuuto—" Shotaro told the concerned client in what he thought was a suave tone of voice, only to be interrupted by Philip snickering.

If it weren't for Shotaro, FangJoker's battle against the dopant would have ended in a battlefield strewn with viscera.

Philip never could understand why Shotaro always fawned over every woman who walked into the office—nor could he understand why it made his chest contract like that.

"♪ I gently cover your ears with my hands to block out the painful noise, ♪" Shotaro sung, mimicking the motion with his hands on Philip's ears.

"♪ Move it down your finger, finger on the trigger— ♪" Philip retorted with a sexual leer, succeeding in making Shotaro flail with panic.

Seeing Shotaro so close to death brought a new sensation to Philip's chest and a strange wetness to his eyes, something he'd never felt before.

Double's armor split open, shining with the light of the Earth's memory, and they were one in every conceivable way.

Philip had never heard of it before, so despite how eager he was to try out this "sexual intercourse" thing, the flustered Shotaro refused.

Sure, Philip could call Shotaro half-boiled—but the instant a dopant tried to accuse him of being too soft-hearted, Philip would have none of it.

"So that's a 'kiss'," Philip murmured as Shotaro turned away to hide his burning face.

He could feel his partner's unbridled joy through the connection forged by the Double Driver.

He squeezed his partner's hand, relishing the way it felt in his.

Philip winced as Shotaro dabbed his wounds with antibiotic.

"No one makes this city cry on my watch," Shotaro growled; Philip smirked at his naivete.

Philip pored over book after book on the subject of sex, but none of them told him what Shotaro tasted like.

They sat outside for hours, just looking up at the sky and enjoying one another's presence.

A look of confusion crossed Philip's face when Shotaro asked him, "What do you think that cloud looks like?"

For all that Philip kept repeating Raito, my name is Raito to himself, Shotaro would never be able to bring himself to call him anything but Philip.

"Have you ever heard of this thing called bondage?" Philip asked Shotaro, who grew pale.

It seemed impossible for Shotaro to fall any further than he already had at the hands of Ryubee Sonozaki—but when Philip disappeared into that void, it happened.

Philip's voice on the other end of the phone cut straight through Shotaro's dopant-inflicted terror.

The Sonozakis were not his family.

There was no place Philip would rather be than the Narumi Detective Agency.

Maybe Philip was going to disappear tomorrow, but right now he felt so real and there that Shotaro could almost forget.

The battle with Utopia was over as quickly as it had started, and now there was no way to prevent what was going to happen; no way to replenish the life that Philip had expended.

The garage was quiet.

It rained for a week after Philip died, almost as though Fuuto itself were crying along with Shotaro.

Shotaro couldn't bring himself to open the book again.

It confused Shotaro to see other people laughing and smiling like nothing had happened; didn't they know the world had ended?

He was halfway through saying "Hold on, let me just call my partner" before he realized his mistake.

He pulled off his fedora so he could feel the breeze in his hair.

"You're really back," Shotaro choked out through the lump in his throat.

A year had gone by of Shotaro being unable to hold Philip; he had plenty of lost time to make up for.

Nothing could be better than this, Shotaro thought, arms wrapped around his partner as they laid together.

"I told you once before—no matter what happens, as long as the Earth exists, you will always be my partner."
Tags: !set alpha, kamen rider w
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