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Teen Wolf; Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski

Title: The Sourwolf’s Human
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale / Stiles Stilinski
Theme set: Beta
Rating: K - T
Warning[s] and Notes: Conveniently ignoring pretty much everything after 3A. I like my show my way, without dealing with Jeff Davis’ bullshit. Stiles can be interpreted as being underage for many of these, whoops.

#01 – Walking

Tugging his jacket tighter, he slowly walked to his (boyfriend’s? Alpha’s?) house, leaving his beloved jeep broken down in his driveway miles behind him.

#02 – Waltz

The running joke was that Derek forgot that Stiles had two left feet and couldn’t walk - let alone dance - to save his life; little did their guests know just how much practice the newlyweds put into learning.

#03 – Wishes

It could be considered childish, but both Stiles and Derek would always make a silent wish whenever they saw a shooting star.

#04 – Wonder

Though he would never say it aloud, Derek always loved it when Stiles went on one of his rants, delving deep into the lore and wonder of their dark world.

#05 – Worry

When Derek didn’t check in, it was all Allison and Lydia could do to keep Stiles from storming the woods, looking for their wayward Alpha.

#06 – Whimsy

When Stiles started acting odd - or, rather, odder than usual - Derek knew there was a serious problem.

#07 – Waste/Wasteland

In the aftermath of their sacrifices to save their parents, the Nematon was nothing more than a distant memory, something both Alpha and human were happy to note.

#08 – Whiskey and rum

“Two drinks, then I’m cutting you off, Stiles,” Derek said, knowing just how much of a lightweight his boyfriend could be with rum.

#09 – War

Derek never wanted any of the teens in his pack involved in the war against the Alpha Pack, though it wasn’t too much of a surprise when Stiles shoehorned his way into battle, dead set on protecting his friends and chosen Alpha.

#10 – Weddings

While Scott and Allison’s nuptials were super important, the talk of the town was about the Sheriff’s son and his boyfriend, not on the happy newlyweds.

#11 – Birthday

“For someone whose birthday is on Christmas, you sure don’t have any cheer, Sourwolf.”

#12 – Blessing

When Sheriff Stilinski gave his permission for Derek to start dating Stiles, the boy spent days radiating happiness.

#13 – Bias

“I’m not biased, I’m just damn stubborn when it comes to my pack, Stiles.”

#14 – Burning

It was his worst nightmare coming true again: his loved one trapped inside their home while it burned, with him being unable to save him.

#15 – Breathing

Derek finally was able to take a deep breath of clean air, and Stiles rocked back on his heels in relief.

#16 – Breaking

After their first “bedroom meeting”, Stiles did whatever he could to layer his clothing, lest he get thrown into another wall and break another rib.

#17 – Belief

“Mountain ash takes me believing in myself, Derek, something that’s just a little hard for me right now.”

#18 – Balloon

Derek Hale learned very quickly that buying Stiles a balloon every time they went to a fair or amusement park was a tradition that he was never allowed to forget or stop.

#19 – Balcony

“You know, Sourwolf, throwing my clothes off our two story balcony is just on this side of chiche, right?”

#20 – Bane

The Alpha loved Stiles, but there were sometimes the teenager tap-danced on his last nerve.

#21 – Quiet

It was unnerving, Derek thought, that the only thing that could make Stiles go silent was hospitals, and visiting their loved ones within.

#22 – Quirks

There was exactly one place inside the Hale-Stilinski house where his lover’s quirks were not allowed to go - but the kitchen was not one of them.

#23 – Question

Stiles had the talent of getting the answers they needed out of the strangest of people, just by layering his inane questions, Derek noted.

#24 – Quarrel

Once a week, the pack would return to their family homes for the night, waiting out the storm that was Derek and Stiles’ latest argument.

#25 – Quitting

The only reason Derek knew Stiles had gone through with his threat with leaving the supernatural behind was the sight of Stiles’ bat laying across his kitchen table.

#26 – Jump

Seeing Derek standing on the edge was almost too much for the young human to bare.

#27 – Jester

“I thought you were mated to a human, Hale, not to a pathetic court jester,” the rouge growled, staring down Derek, claws only centimeters from ripping out Stiles’ throat.

#28 – Jousting

“The fact that Derek thought that teaching the Betas a bastardized version of jousting was a good idea shows clearly that he should not take your suggestions, Stiles!”

#29 – Jewel

Seeing the reflection of ruby-red eyes in his mirror ordinarily wouldn’t have a comfort, but the thick eyebrows were a dead giveaway that it was his lover attempting to sneak up on him, instead of someone else.

#30 – Just

“Just don’t you dare die for me, Hale,” Stiles snapped, shocking the Betas, and leaving his Alpha staring into nothingness.

#31 – Smirk

“Goddamn it Stiles, I know you slept with Derek last night so you can stop smirking that you’re not a virgin anymore!”

#32 – Sorrow

Hand and hand they tore down the Hale house, finally letting the pain from that horrific night fade to just memories.

#33 – Stupidity

Stiles knew that trying to hide his latest injuries was a stupid idea, but there was no reason for Derek to go all Alpha at the Betas for slipping… right?

#34 – Serenade

After another night of Nematon-induced nightmares, Stiles slept in Derek’s arms, letting his Alpha’s humming of childhood songs force the darkness back.

#35 – Sarcasm

Stiles proudly wore his Christmas gag gift, a crown proclaiming him the King of Sarcasm, for weeks before Derek conveniently made it disappear.

#36 – Sordid

One look at the sordid train station had Stiles dragging Derek’s pack back to Casa da Stilinski, if only so that they could wash the filth off.

#37 – Soliloquy

“Derek, just take that faerie out, otherwise he’s gonna go off in one hell of a soliloquy, and we’re all going to wanna kill ourselves by the end!”

#38 – Sojourn

His stay inside the newly rebuild Hale house was only supposed to be short; however, before he knew it, only his stay in his private room fit that description.

#39 – Share

The Hale and McCall packs might not have gotten along if not for Stiles’ insistence that Derek and Scott actually talk, instead of just growling at one another.

#40 – Solitary

One a year, Stiles locked his door and window and hid in his closet, not even letting Derek comfort him from his grief.

#41 – Nowhere

Three years, no scent, and yet, somehow, Derek was able to find the smallest trace of a hint to Stiles’ whereabouts, in the middle of nowhere.

#42 – Neutral

“At this point, Derek, there is no neutral, just on our side, or Scott’s.”

#43 – Nuance

Stiles let everyone think he didn’t have a single subtle bone in his body, exactly how everyone thought that he and Derek hated each other.

#44 – Near

They could only got a few days, a week at most, without being near each other; a small price to pay for finally protecting Beacon Hills.

#45 – Natural

Spending so much time together, first looking for Erica and Boyd, then saving Beacon Hills for the nth time, it was only natural that they would be drawn closer.

#46 – Horizon

Watching the moon slowly rise on the horizon remained one of their treasured favorites.

#47 – Valiant

Stiles didn’t care what anyone said, Derek was the bravest person he knew.

#48 – Virtuous

Derek knew that Stiles may have had to use some underhanded tactics in his life, but he still kept to his morals, even when faced with life or death.

#49 – Victory

With the borders of Beacon Hills finally tight, Stiles and Derek could finally, marginally, relax.

#50 – Defeat

Derek knew exactly how his heart would finally shatter, and that involved Stiles’ broken body and blood splattered over everything they loved.
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