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The Losers Cougar/Jensen (slash)

Fandom: The Losers
Pairing: Jake Jensen/Carlos ‘Cougar’ Alvarez
Theme set: Alpha
Title: You’ll have to earn it
Rating: PG-13 at max
Warning[s]: Language, implied sexy times
Notes: Not mine just borrowing

1. Comfort
Only Jensen knew why he was so protective of his hat; it was the last gift from his mother.
2. Kiss
Cougar didn’t say much in words, but he told Jensen everything in a kiss.
3. Soft
Cougar didn’t want Jensen to become tough like Clay and Roque; he liked Jensen just the way he was.
4. Pain
It didn’t matter what they did to him; Jensen would not help them kill the one person he loved.
5. Potatoes
If Jensen made one more comment about potatoes, Cougar was certain Clay was going to push him out of the plane without a chute; not that Cougar wouldn’t jump out after him.
6. Rain
Jensen loved it when it would rain on their way to work at the doll factory; It made Cougar’s clothes stick to his body.
7. Chocolate
Jensen couldn’t help eaming when he saw the look that Cougar gave him after finding the chocolate bar on his birthday.
8. Happiness
All Jensen really needed was a computer…and a naked sniper.
9. Telephone
Jensen could have cried when Cougar held out a disposable cell phone and told him to call his sister.
10. Ears
Only Jensen knew that Cougar has sensitive ears.
11. Name
To the team he was Cougar; to Jensen he was Carlos…and that was how he liked it.
12. Sensual
Cougar’s scope always seems to be trained on Jensen; it wasn’t that he thought Jensen needed the extra protection; Jensen just looked damn fine when he moved.
13. Death
As much as he would miss his laptop, he would rather be holding pieces of it right now than pieces of Cougar.
14. Sex
The only place Jensen refused to have sex was in Pooch’s vehicles; he said the dog creeped him out.
15. Touch
Cougar always had to touch Jensen after a mission; he always had to make sure Jensen was with him.
16. Weakness
Cougar didn’t want to have any weaknesses, but that was before he fell hard for the hacker.
17. Tears
Getting hit in the nuts wasn’t exactly fun for Jensen; but it was almost worth it to see the tears of laughter rolling down Cougar’s face.
18. Speed
There was a reason he was called Cougar; he was always the first one to an injured man, and it was purely coincidence that the man was Jensen.
19. Wind
Jensen’s sign that Cougar was meant for him when the wind blew Cougar’s hat from the top of his head.
20. Freedom
When Jensen’s niece ran out to hug them after a mission, it was the first time Cougar felt free.
21. Life
Jensen thought being on a boat in the middle of the ocean couldn’t be better…then Cougar took his shirt off.
22. Jealousy
Cougar couldn’t help be feel jealous about how excited Jensen got to hack a computer.
23. Hands
Cougar could testify first hand that Jensen’s fingers weren’t just nimble on a keyboard.
24. Taste
Cougar tasted like beer and gun powder; it was such a turn on for Jensen.
25. Devotion
Cougar would die for Jensen, simple as that.
26. Forever
With their job they couldn’t plan on forever, so they just lived and loved like each day could be their last.
27. Blood
Every time Jensen bled Cougar wanted to destroy whoever did it; Cougars after all were fierce animals who would fight a grizzly bear for their young.
28. Sickness
Cougar bit back an ‘I told you so’ when Jensen got sick after hacking for three days straight.
29. Melody
It really is hard to tell your boyfriend you can’t have a cat named Melody when your name is Cougar.
30. Star
Jensen was Cougar’s star, guiding him home when his thoughts got too dark and his demons were so close to the skin.
31. Home
Home was a hotel room with hackable internet and a naked Cougar, and the internet was optional.
32. Confusion
Cougar couldn’t help but laugh at the look of confusion on Jensen’s face when Aisha translated what the guy really said.
33. Fear
The only time Cougar felt fear was when the building exploded and no one was sure if Jensen had got out.
34. Lighting/Thunder
If they timed things perfectly the thunder would cover up any noise they made.
35. Bonds
They had a bond that could never be damaged or destroyed; it was a bond built on trust and blood.
36. Market
Jensen had a cougar paw tattooed on his hip to let everyone know he was off the market.
37. Technology
Jensen was pleasantly surprised that Cougar had a better grasp of technology that everyone gave him credit for.
38. Gift
Cougar smiled when he came to the hotel from doing recon to find a wrapped present on his bed and Jensen trying very hard to look innocent.
39. Smile
One of the best things about Jensen in Cougar’s opinion was his smile; it could really disarm anyone, including Cougar.
40. Innocence
Despite everything they had been through together as a unit Jensen still had an innocence about it, and Cougar would do anything to make sure he kept it.
41. Completion
There was no way they should work, but they fit together better than anyone would ever realize.
42. Clouds
Everyone thought Jensen had his head in the clouds; he didn’t, he was thinking of all the filthy things he would do to and with Cougar when they got alone.
43. Sky
To Cougar the sky was always the same color no matter where they went; Jensen’s eyes on the other hand changed with every moment and emotion, just how he liked it.
44. Heaven
Cougar spent a lot of his time watching Jensen from above; it was a habit he just couldn’t break himself of, even in the afterlife.
45. Hell
Jensen waited in the hotel room next to Aisha and Clay’s room while Pooch and Cougar were out on recon; Jensen decided this hotel room was hell after he heard their bed slam against the wall for the third time.
46. Sun
It didn’t matter how much sun block or how shaded his spot was; Jensen would always get sunburned, at least Cougar had a method for treating it. (is something missing here?)
47. Moon
Whenever they had time to actually sleep Jensen loved to listen to Cougar tell him stories about the legend of the moon.
48. Waves
Some days when Jensen was really bored he would hack into Cougar’s ear piece and talk extremely dirty to him.
49. Hair
Cougar secretly liked it when Jensen played with his hair after a nightmare.
50. Supernova
Cougar didn’t always get what Jensen said; what did he mean that Cougar was like a supernova?


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Oct. 8th, 2010 01:46 am (UTC)
These are awesome.
May. 28th, 2011 02:23 am (UTC)
These are lovely :) My favourite was number 49, I have a soft spot for partners playing with eachother's hair <3 Regarding 46-Sun (is something missing here, should it be "...he was wearing" after sun block, or does the something missing refer to something else?
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